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Clinical dosed
Ajinomoto BCAA
Clinical dosed Mediator

This can be a high-potency Amino Acid formula. To be more precise — it’s an Crucial Amino Acid formula with a little something extra to make it that a lot more effective and wanted. I added a thrilling new ingredient that has been recently studied to ignite muscle growth by means of–>
mTOR activation.

Phosphatidic Acid, or Mediator® ( Trademarked name) is a naturally happening phospholipid that may be important within the functioning of cell-membranes and initiating cell signaling — namely mTOR and the proliferation of muscle cells. There was a couple of published research papers demonstrating Phosphatidic Acid to stimulate mTOR signaling pathways — which mainly manner this ingredient will initiate m uscle p rotein synthesis and spark potential muscle growth , and strength gains.

One take a look at showed subjects taking 750 mg of Phosphatidic Acid per day combined with resistance-coaching 4x every week achieved 50% greater building up in muscle cross-sectional area and lean body mass. A 40% greater building up in total strength (higher and lower body), and 60% greater loss in body fat than the educational-handiest group.

To wrap up the awesomeness of Phosphatidic Acid I will just say that this is without doubt one of the only a few state-of-the-art ingredients that sparked my interest, and made me curious enough to dig into the research. I will expectantly say that this added ingredient will make my Crucial A mino A cid formula in reality one-of-a-sort.


Sodium (As Himalayan Pink Sea Salt) 125mg, L-Leucine (Ajipure) 6000mg, L-Valine (Ajipure) 3000mg, L-Isoluecine (Ajipure) 3000mg, Coconut Juice Poweder (Cocos Nufifera) (Coconut water), Meidator 50P (800mg Phosphatidic Acid), L-Lysine HCL 250mg, L-Phenylalanine 250mg, L-Threonine 250mg, L-Histidine HCL 250mg, L-Methionine 250mg

Clinical dosed
Ajinomoto BCAA
Clinical dosed Mediator
Mtor activation
30 Servings


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