Navitas Naturals Organic Cacao Nibs

Referred to as the Food of the Gods by means of ancient South American cultures, raw cacao is cherished as a wholesome and delicious type of darkish chocolate. Navitas Naturals Cacao Sweet Nibs are made by means of lightly rolling crumbled raw cacao beans in cacao liquor after which evenly sweetening them with natural cane juice. Raw cacao beans, from which the nibs are made, are some of the plentiful sources of antioxidants, and theyâ€TMre additionally identified to be one of the crucial best dietary sources of magnesium. Cacao nibs additionally supply a wholesome quantity of protein, nutrients and fiber. Those flexible sweet chocolate chunks have a robust darkish chocolate taste. Theyâ€TMre an excellent snack proper out of the bag, and they’re perfect in recipes that would have the benefit of sweet crunchy chocolate such as muffins, ice cream and path combine.


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