Nike Women’s Dri-FIT Contour Short Sleeve

Material: Dri-Fit (polyester circular knit jacquard), [side panels] Nike Dri-Fit mesh (100% polyester)
Fit: contoured
Claimed Weight: 130 g

The Nike Girls’s Dri-Are compatible Contoured Brief-Sleeve Blouse includes a different knit that is optimized to toughen convenience and function all over your exercise. The stretchy, sweat-wicking Dri-Are compatible cloth is knit tighter the place you wish to have extra strengthen and looser the place you wish to have extra breathability so that you get the ultimate mix of serve as and luxury.
Subject matter: Dri-Are compatible (polyester round knit jacquard), [side panels] Nike Dri-Are compatible mesh (one hundred% polyester)
Are compatible: contoured
Claimed Weight: 130 g
Beneficial Use: health, operating
Producer Guaranty: restricted


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