Nutri-West – Total Veggie – 90

An actual collection of focused complete meals vitamins stacked with phytochemicals that toughen immune machine serve as the place a suppressed immune machine is associated with insufficient nutrition. Use this product with General Give protection to for extra coverage. Foods: Diet A (vegetarian supply) 50 i.u., Diet C 5 mg, Diet E (as succinate) 2 i.u., Niacin 5 mg, Wheat Grass Sprouts 75 mg, Cauliflower Sprouts 50 mg, Broccolli Sprouts (7500ppm/Gm of sulphoraphane) 100 mg, Cabbage Sprouts 75mg, Kale Sprouts 25 mg, Pink Clover Sprouts 50 mg, Oat Sprouts 38 mg, Alfalfa Sprouts 41 mg, Asparagus (rhizome) 25 mg, Okra (fruit) 25 mg, Parsley (leaf) 25 mg, Carrot (root) 25 mg, Maitake Mushroom 23 mg, Shitake Mushroom 25 mg, Flax seed (lignan) 50 mg, Inexperienced Tea Extract (Catechin forty%) 25 mg, Resveretrol Extract 20% 7 mg, Cordycepts 23.5 mg, Betaine HCL 10 mg. ALL SPROUTS ARE CERTIFIED ORGANICALLY GROWN


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