NWC Naturals Oxy-pH Boost Sodium Chlorite Solution, 2 Fluid Ounce

Oxy-pH boost liquid oxygen; Promote better energy and endurance
Helps with yeast but you must do probiotics plus with oxy-pH boost
Helps enhance the immune system; Alkalinizes the system

Advertise higher power and staying power. All the time dilute oxy-pH spice up in water. Use the dropper put 8 drops in 4 ounce of water for a fast power spice up in mid afternoon. Is helping with Yeast however you will have to do Probiotics Plus with oxy-pH spice up. Use 10-15 drops in a eight ounce glass of water to lend a hand kill candida yeast overgrowths. Then Take Probiotics Plus chewable with every meal. By no means use oxy-pH spice up at the side of your probiotics on the related time. Wait a minimum of 1 half to 2 hours before the use of oxy-pH spice up after taking your Probiotics. To lend a hand stay your bottled water purified; Get started with a blank container Upload a couple of drops to the water ,cap it and it is going to stay contemporary longer. As a dietary supplement, take part a dropper (15 drops) in 4 to 6 oz. of water. Dilute 1 drop of oxy-pH spice up to 20 drops of water for topical applications or as directed via a well being skilled. Upload five-10 drops of oxy-pH spice up to an eight ounce glass of water and revel in. oxy-pH spice up may be very alkaline. Topical Use: While oxy-pH spice up is applied topically to burns and allergenic substances (such as poison ivy or insect bites) this osmotic impact assists within the elimination of the toxins that create the irritations. WARNING: oxy-pH spice up used complete {potential|power|strength} can lead to pores and skin inflammation. If applying to pores and skin use a 1:2 combination (1 phase oxy-pH spice up to 2 portions water) and use caution. oxy-pH spice up will have to By no means be applied within the focused shape in an instant to the surface or mouth. Mouthwash 10 drops in 2 oz. water graceful spit out.
Oxy-pH spice up liquid oxygen; Advertise higher power and staying power
Is helping with yeast however you will have to do probiotics plus with oxy-pH spice up
Is helping strengthen the immune gadget; Alkalinizes the gadget
Stability flora and complements probiotic colonization; Is helping with bacterial overgrowth
Outstanding disinfectant agent, Upload for your bottle water to stay it contemporary





















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