Organic Dietary Silica Powder 120servings

15.5mgs of dietary silicon per serving
120 servings per container
Highly soluble in water means fast absorption. No gritty taste

Silicum Laboratories introduces our Organic Silica Powder to be used in practical food and nutritional formulas. Our researchers have created a silicon molecule that is solely stable in dry shape. Blending with water ends up in the absolute best bioavailable Orthosilicic Acid to be had within the trade. Speedy acting. Ideal for healthy joints, bones, collagen creation, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, & robust hair folicles. Lemon taste. No gritty style or sediment while mixed. Gluten free.Neutral taste.120 servings. 15.5mg silica per serving. The silicon molecule is stabilized through a proprietary means, containing elemental silicon; the method utilizes monomer chains of silicon before getting into the polymerization degree. The silicon molecule is still stable in its powder dosage shape for a long duration and does no longer polymerize, leading to a highly bioavailable Orthosilicic acid (H4SiO4) for nutritional or dietary use. Orgono Silica Powder’s advantages are its top bioavailability, total solubility, absence of sediment, neutral style, clear colour in resolution, long shelf lifestyles with out requiring preservatives and absolutely the absence of polymerization. Efficiency comprises Speedy dissolution in water ends up in top orthosilicic acid absorption through the human frame; after dissolution, the pH of the ensuing resolution is around 6 (pH perfectly admissible for beverages) and the answer is still stable for hours; very good drift-talent with out want to granulate the powder; no grit or particle suspension while in resolution. Silicon’s role in deal with healthy bones, collagen creation, versatile cartilage, ligaments, tendons and robust hair follicles is more pronounced, with each analysis look at showing in peer reviewed journals. Silica is changing into the supplement of selection as its combined advantages in a single intake are replacing the use of more than one dietary supplements for separate biological processes.
15.5mgs of dietary silicon per serving
120 servings per container
Highly soluble in water manner Speedy absorption. No gritty style
The most efficient Orthosilicic Acid rendered Silica in the marketplace.
No preservatives
















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