Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil – 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade – 10ml

Certified Organic 100% Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil
No Carrier Oils
Cymbopogon Citratus

ArOmis Lemongrass Crucial oil is Qualified Natural in Holland. Our Crucial oils are imported from a rather well dependent Natural farmer in South Africa. ArOmis has a mission of sustainability that may be totally learned in our Oils which might be sourced from small Natural agro-forestry farmers positioned in growing countries in Africa. Within the spirit of honest industry and environmental stewardship and protected, chemical loose Crucial oils, the use of African oils grown in tropical and sub tropical spaces encourages native farmers to make use of much less land more properly and to keep the indigenous forests via rising top-price plants in unity with the sounding forests, and offers us with protected, splendidly smelling oils. There’s a distinction among Crucial oil brands. Brands claiming to be “Natural” hardly ever point out climate the Vegetation used of their oils are sprayed with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Someone who’s involved in the well being affects of such chemical compounds will have to acquire simplest Qualified Natural oils shape depended on providers. ArOmis can and can provide the certification files appearing the supply and purity of our oils on request to any consumer.
Qualified Natural one hundred% Natural Lemongrass Crucial Oil
No Carrier Oils
Cymbopogon Citratus
From Vegetation grown via small farmers in Africa
Environmentally Sustainable













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