Organic Moringa Almond Smoothie Mix – 12.3 Ounce / 350 g

Organic Moringa Almond Smoothie Mix – 12.3 Ounce / 350 g
Certified USDA Organic, Vegan.
100% Pure & Natural

Grenera provides you with the scrumptious yummy Natural Moringa Almond Smoothie Combine. The easiest mix of Natural moringa leaf powder, Natural coconut palm sugar, Natural california almond powder, Natural sprouted beans in conjunction with the amla powder offers the scrumptious style to the product. We all the time counsel to combine the smoothie mixes with chilly drinks or milk or every other your favourite drinks.
Natural Moringa Almond Smoothie Combine – 12.3 Ounce / 350 g
Qualified USDA Natural, Vegan.
one hundred% Natural & Herbal
Foods: Natural Crystallized Coconut Palm Nectar, Natural Almond Powder, Natural Moringa Leaf Powder, Natural Sprouted Inexperienced Gram Powder (Vigna radiata), Natural Sprouted Horse Gram Powder (Macrotyloma uniflorum), Natural Sprouted Ragi Powder (Eleusine coracana), Natural Amla Fruit Powder, Herbal Vanilla Taste, Guar Gum, Sea Salt, Stevia Extract.
Prompt Use: Upload 1 Scoop of Moringa Almond Smoothie Combine in your favourite beverage or smoothie and shake neatly for right kind blending.


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