Ortho Molecular – Core Restore Kit

Core Restore is a comprehensive 7-day diet, way of life and nutrient program to cut back poisonous burden and Give a boost to segment I and II liver detoxification serve as. Every Core Restore BT Kit comprises: Core Give a boost to protein powderNEW IMPROVED TASTE! Nutritional Give a boost to for segment II liver detoxification. PhytoCore capsules Phytonutrients for improved segment I & II liver detoxification. Alpha Base capsules with out iron Comprehensive multivitamin formula offering key minerals and vitamins vital for enhanced toxin biotransformation. Core Restore Patient Information Step by step directions, dietary schedule, recipes and grocery list for higher patient compliance. Transportable Hand Mixer Robust battery powered spin-mixer for smooth, fast protein shakes on-the-go. A correct detoxification program can also be an efficient device for tuning up your patient’s way of life patterns, reducing their antigenic load (elimination diet), and a straightforward approach to facilitate higher evaluation of complicated GI dysfunctions. Core Restore BT is the detoxification program your patients CAN DO! Once finished, your patients will revel in improved biotransformation, higher digestive system serve as, and increased nutrient absorption to be able to lend a hand them feel more energized.


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