Oxytrol for Women Overactive Bladder Transdermal Patch

Over the Counter Remedy for Overactive Bladder in Women

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About Oxytrol for Women

Say hi to Oxytrol for Ladies, an over-the-counter Remedy that may assist come up with day and night time aid out of your such a lot bothersome signs of OAB. Discreet and simple-to-put on, every Oxytrol for Ladies patch is worn for 4 days, so that you’re free to concentrate on the things that subject such a lot.

No Prescription Required

While there is not any treatment for OAB, there are a couple of merchandise that allow you to handle its signs. Oxytrol for Ladies is exclusive as a result of it’s the most effective Remedy to be had over-the-counter for overactive bladder in Ladies.

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Use as Directed

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Benefits of Oxytrol for Women

Provides continuous aid of OAB for 4 days and nights with just one patch.

When combined with day by day way of life changes (timed urination, pelvic flooring workouts and fluid control) patients noticed a discount of the OAB symptom of urinary injuries through seventy five% vs. 50% with placebo patch. The active ingredient oxybutynin does now not pass throughout the liver and digestive tract with the intention to to start with get into your bloodstream.

Convenient and Discreet

Oxytrol for Ladies patches are made to be discreet. Versatile, transparent and intensely skinny, they’re undetectable beneath extraordinary apparel.

How Oxytrol for Ladies Works
  • Each Oxytrol for Ladies patch delivers 3.9mg of oxybutynin per day for continuous 4 days and nights.
  • By serving to to chill out the bladder muscle, Oxytrol for Ladies is helping cut back urgency, frequency and injuries related to OAB.









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