Product Description: Blood volume: 1-2 μL Measuring vary: 10 mg/dL – 600 mg/dL Sample varieties: Capillary blood. If the check strip is got rid of from the meter to use blood: venous blood anticoagulated with lithium heparin or ammonium heparin or EDTA arterial blood and blood from neonates Sample dosing: Blood application directly to the center of the check pad. The check strip (and its elements) has the serve as to unfold the blood above the check space – in a snappy and hygienic approach Dosing choices: Blood may also be applied to both an already inserted check strip, and a tests go back and forth outdoor the meter. That is useful to reduce the danger of contamination when a meter has a couple of users (e.g. in a hospital) and, in case of AST, to facilitate blood application Re-dosing capability: Further blood may also be added to the check strip inside of 10 seconds after applying the primary drop (applies for inside of mode) Visual colour take a look at: Plausibility take a look at possibility with 5 colour block at the check strip vial Hematocrit vary: 20 – 55 % (inside of-meter mode) 20 – 70 % (outdoor-meter mode)


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