PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin, 454 grams

Item Catalog Number: 00342 Pectin is a highly complicated branched polysaccharide fiber found in all plant cellular telephone walls. In its unique shape, citrus pectin has a restricted solubility in water. In its Changed shape after hydrolysis, PectaSol-C® MCP becomes a novel water-soluble fiber that has been shown to bind to the necessary galectin molecules at the surface of cells. It’s postulated this adherence of the Changed citrus pectin, particularly to the galectin-3 molecule, is liable for its a good idea action.* Supplement Information Serving Dimension 1 scoop (five grams) Servings Per Container 90 Quantity Per Serving Total Carbohydrates 4 g Dietary Fiber 3 g Sodium 180 mg Potassium 420 mg PectaSol-C® Changed Citrus Pectin 5 grams   Dosage and Use – As a dietary supplement, for optimum make stronger, take three 5 gram scoops day by day, in divided doses, with liquid, on an empty abdomen. – For long run repairs, take one 5 gram scoop day by day, with liquid on an empty abdomen. Related Key phrases Fiber, Polysaccharide, PectinProduct photo would possibly not precisely fit the product presented on the market. Please refer to the product description.


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