Philips HF3429/60 goLITE BLU Energy Light, Rechargeable

Clinically proven to increase energy levels and mood, helps to stay sharp
As effective as 10,000 lux white light
Fights energy dips, fatigue and winter blues, results in just 20-30 min/day, use while reading, working

Really feel more energized with blue mild, naturally. Philips goLITE blu is a transportable and compact energy mild that uses the natural power of sunlight. It’s clinically proven to enhance energy levels and mood, serving to you keep sharp. Simply 20-half-hour an afternoon is all it takes to Really feel more energized and active, serving to you to accomplish every time you want to.
Clinically proven to extend energy levels and mood, is helping to stick sharp
As efficient as 10,000 lux white mild
Fights energy dips, fatigue and winter blues, leads to Simply 20-30 min/day, use whilst studying, operating
Has a identical impact on neatly-being as a sunny blue sky, controls glare for final eye comfort
Rechargeable battery and wire to be used anyplace, 5 mild intensity settings, go back and forth lock


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