Phiten Titanium Discs (70 Discs) ( Pack Of 3 )

Phiten Authentic
Titanium Discs
Pk of 3

Titanium Phiten Discs Energy Tape 70 computers. % of 3
Phiten Titanium Discs % a formidable punch in Each and every small disc.
Titanium Energy Tape Discs are the cross-to product for energetic folks around the world. Each and every small adhesive disc include carbonized titanium which can be utilized to focus on particular spaces with pinpoint accuracy. The discs are Simple to use and is an crucial merchandise for your gymnasium bag or handbag. Earlier than, throughout, or after any process the Titanium Energy Tape Discs are there whilst you want it such a lot.

Utilized by athletes, running shoes, and practitioners around the world.

Made In Japan

Instructions to be used: Blank and dry the surface. Use as many as wanted. Modification or dispose of discs each and every 2 to 3 days.
Subject material: sixty two% Polyester, 33% Cotton, five% Polyurethane.
Simple to use

Made In Japan

Phiten Licensed Dealer (see certificates)
Phiten Original
Titanium Discs
Pk of 3











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