Prevalon® Turn and Position System 2.0 (1 system)

Helps prevent tailbone, or sacral pressure ulcers by offloading the sacrum
Manages moisture due to incontinence, creating an optimal microclimate for the skin
Helps minimize friction and shear

The PrevalonTM Flip and Position Gadget 2.0 actions as one with the affected person, fighting the Waft Sheet and M2 Microclimate Frame Pad from driving up. This permits the Gadget to stick below the affected person always, offering continuous tailbone, or sacral offlo
Is helping save you tailbone, or sacral drive ulcers through offloading the sacrum
Manages moisture as a result of incontinence, developing an choicest microclimate for the outside
Is helping reduce friction and shear
Helps to keep affected person situated on the suitable perspective
Breathable to assist regulate Frame warmth


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