Primos PSP3B-M Sport Ear Plug, Medium, Black

Comfortable fitting sport earplugs
Can be used for Passive Protection or as a replacement plug for Primos Digital BTE or Primos Boost BTE’s
No special fitting required

Usually ships in 1-2 business days

The Primos Game Plugs (PSP3) are as flexible as they’re Comfy. They are able to be used merely as a passive plug. Simply snap the cap at the Hock clear out closed and succeed in a NRR of 24dB. Use the searching ear plug as a noise clear out with the cap open, or They are able to be used as a substitute ear plug for the Primos Virtual BTE in addition to all Primos Spice up Collection BTE’s.
Comfy installing Game earplugs
Can be utilized for Passive Coverage or as a substitute plug for Primos Virtual BTE or Primos Spice up BTE’s
No unique installing required
A high quality merchandise at a super worth
Makes a superb present


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