Pure Stevia Extract Plus Luo Han Powder – 100 Packets

All-natural ingredients
Contains zero calories
No unpleasant aftertaste

Kal Natural Stevia Extract Plus Luo Han Powder is a pleasing tasting mix of each foods. Stevia extract is from the leaves of a small shrub of the chrysanthemum circle of relatives referred to as stevia. It grows wild in Paraguay and Brazil and is cultivated in Japan and China. The stevia extract Comprises steviosides. The glycosides within the leaves of the plant in most cases account for 10 % stevioside, a substance that makes it distinctive amongst over 300 species of stevia crops. The extract is calorie-unfastened and Will have to no longer impact blood glucose ranges in most people. In contrast to the entire herb, the extract does no longer have a pronounced aftertaste. Luo Han comes from the plant Siraitia grosvenorii. It Comprises an active that may be intensely sweet referred to as mogroside. Luo Han is 300 occasions sweeter than not unusual table sugar or sucrose. It’s low calorie and coffee glycemic, and Will have to no longer impact blood sugar ranges in most people. All-herbal foods; Comprises 0 energy; No unsightly aftertaste; Luo Han Comprises mogroside, an active that’s 300 occasions sweeter than cane sugar and coffee in energy; Handy single-serving packets; Will have to no longer impact blood sugar ranges in most people. About Producer: The KAL logo used to be based in Southern California in 1932 as one of the vital first nutritional supplement traces in the USA. Despite the fact that its first merchandise have been in powdered shape, the KAL logo soon shifted its center of attention to tableted merchandise. KAL drugs are assured to disintegrate in 30 mins or much less and make allowance for more active foods per tablet, offering your nutritional wishes in fewer day-to-day dosages. For over 70 years, the KAL logo has pioneered the creation of recent and leading edge merchandise, in addition to new and distinctive supply bureaucracy.
All-herbal foods
Comprises 0 energy
No unsightly aftertaste
Handy single-serving packets
Will have to no longer impact blood sugar ranges in most people




















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