Raw Organic Spirulina 1000 Tablets-500 mg.

Raw and organic
Increases energy
Good source of protein

Spirulina (Uncooked, Natural) 1000 Drugs, 500 mg

Remarkable supply of Top power, non-poisonous “entire” protein (60-sixty five% amino acids), nutrients, minerals, hint components, enzymes, antioxidants, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, and extra. one hundred% pesticide loose

Foods one hundred% natural Natural spirulina (spirulana platensis)

Moderately dried at low temperatures (to hold lifeforce, enzymes and different warmth-delicate components). That is packaged in an mild resistant pouch. Spirulina is a water-grown, one hundred% vegetable plankton. This is a blue-inexperienced algae that grows in recent water lakes thoughout the sector.

Instructed Use: 2-14 (or extra) Drugs in keeping with day, both abruptly or divided. Spirulina is a meals and may also be taken in any amount preferred. It may be taken in an instant, blended with water/juice, sprinkled on or blended with meals. Check out it in powdered shape too.

Measurement: Spirulina (Uncooked, Natural) 1000 Drugs, 500 mg
Uncooked and Natural
Will increase power
Just right supply of protein
Top in minerals
Antioxidant wealthy









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