ReTimer Light Therapy Glasses – Generation 2

4 Published University Trials | Safe Green Light
500 lux at the Eye | More Effective than a 10,000 lux Light Box
Customer Care Center in Austin, Texas

After being SOLD OUT, Re-TImer now to be had on Amazon once once more. Wear Re-Timer for 30 mins every morning to overcome Long Winters and Build up Energy. Blue and Inexperienced Gentle wavelengths are chargeable for keeping up energy and mood. For this reason we handiest use wavelengths between 450 and 550 nano-meters. Re-Timer emits 500 lux on the eye, very similar to a 10,000-lux Gentle box and is one hundred% UV-FREE. Re-Timer weighs simply 2.6 oz and is compact for trip and storage. That is why we were the No.1 Promoting Gentle therapy glasses in 2013, 2014 and 2015. We are a University-owned corporate with 4 Printed trials to be had to view from our web site We are proud to supply American the most productive product and Perfect service. Generation 2 Re-Timer comprises software updates for performance. Eye Safety Certificate CEI 62471.
4 Printed University Trials | Secure Inexperienced Gentle
500 lux on the Eye | More Effective than a 10,000 lux Gentle Box
Customer Care Center in Austin, Texas
Engineered in Australia | 2-Year Guaranty
The International’s Perfect Promoting Wearable Gentle Therapy Device


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