Safe-T-Gard Jock Strap Athletic Supporter – Red

Please NOTE, This item may have a Grey elastic waist band. Not all will have color alike waist bands.
Much of the production of Safe T Gard products has been moved overseas. The product you receive may or may not have been produced in the US but rest assured that what you receive was produced to the standards of the Safe-T-Gard brand. Due to the varying locations of production, the product picture waist band and brand label may not identically match the current inventory.
Go by your measured waist rather than jean size for the best fit

Select a Protected-T-Gard jockstrap in any of the 5 colours introduced: Black, Crimson, White – Now you’ll fit the colour of your jock to the colour of your uniform. Nice-taking a look, comfy jocks Manufactured from pre-shriveled, top-efficiency materials which stay their colours after repeated use. Wear them as lingerie, on the fitness center or for sports activities. Cushy, accommodating, stretchy knit pouch with rubber reinforce ribbing. Please use care whilst opting for your dimension; Protected-T-Gard makes use of a distinct sizing means from so much different producers – we recommend opting for a dimension above that of alternative brands.
Please NOTE, This item can have a Gray elastic waist band. Now not all can have colour alike waist bands.
So much of the manufacturing of Protected T Gard merchandise has been moved out of the country. The product you receive might or would possibly not were produced in the United States however relax confident that what you receive used to be produced to the factors of the Protected-T-Gard emblem. Because of the varying places of manufacturing, the product picture waist band and emblem label would possibly not identically fit the present inventory.
Go by way of your measured waist quite than jean dimension for the most productive are compatible
Manufactured from pre-shriveled, top-efficiency materials
50/50 cotton/poly pouch


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