Shaklee Meal Shakes

Fast Food,No Guilt
When mixed as directed,provides 35% or more of the Daily Values for 23 essential vitamins and minerals Excellent source of dietary fiber and protein,and
they weigh in at just 240 calories per serving when mixed with low-fat milk Rich source of calcium Non-soy protein choice Low glycemic

With their on-the-pass lives,children do not all the time have time for a take a seat-down meal. That is why they want Speedy Meals choices which are additionally excellent for them ” possible choices like low-fats,low-glycemic Shaklee Meal Shakes. Those nice-tasting,simple-to-combine beverages percent additional nutrients into any meal or snack. They supply 19 crucial nutrients and minerals,and theyre a Wealthy supply of calcium and a very good supply of protein ” the basic nutrients that rising children and teenagers want to keep sturdy and wholesome. A non-soy protein selection
Speedy Meals,No Guilt
Whilst combined as directed,supplies 35% or extra of the Day-to-day Values for 23 crucial nutrients and minerals Superb supply of nutritional fiber and protein,and
they weigh in at simply 240 energy in keeping with serving Whilst combined with low-fats milk Wealthy supply of calcium Non-soy protein selection Low glycemic









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