Shaun the Sheep Neck Wrap Heatable Neck Wrap

Gently scented with relaxing lavender
Can be surface cleaned with a damp sponge
Can be microwaved for up to 2 minutes (depending on microwave category please refer to instructions included)

Those suave other people at Aardman actually understand how to create a lovable, enduring character.

From a stable of fantastic characters, Shaun the SheepTM is a relative newcomer, however a stellar performer since hitting our screens in 2007.

The approval for Shaun the SheepTM with children and adults alike comes from the characters creativity,

human intelligence and the good comedy worth applied in that distinctive Aardman taste that creates a consistent theme of funny escapades from Bitzer the sheepdog and the Farmer.

Like all standard Aardman characters, the facility for the characters to be extended into all way of merchandise has no longer been missed with Shaun the SheepTM

Introducing the Heatable Shaun the SheepTM Neck Wrap.

Simply heat in a microwave for as much as 2 mins (relying on microwave class and magnificence of product please refer to directions included)

transforming your Shaun the SheepTM right into a toy with the additional comfort issue offering pleasant {heatth} on a chilly evening when snuggling into bed.

Intelex’s reputation for its impeccable safety standards has prepared the ground for customers and shops to be reassured the heatable facet of Intelex’s merchandise adheres to the absolute best conceivable safety specifications.

These flexible merchandise will also be used as a chilly %; merely place in a sealed freezer bag and place within the freezer for 2 to 3 hours.

Ideal for reducing temperatures, easing sprains and bruises and reducing swelling.

Take care when eliminating from the microwave oven.

Don’t ingest contents.

Don’t overheat.

Reheat from room temperature handiest.

For microwave use handiest

Only Appropriate for a long time 3+ because of chance of burns.

Lightly scented with enjoyable lavender
Can also be surface wiped clean with a moist sponge
Can also be microwaved for as much as 2 mins (relying on microwave class please refer to directions included)
Approximate size: 54 x 13cm
Many different styles to be had from Gifts Direct 2 U Ltd














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