Skulpt Aim Measures Body Fat Percentage and Muscle Quality

Measures Muscle Quality (MQ) and fat percentage
Provides results for up to 24 different muscles
Measures total body fat % and MQ from 4 measurements: biceps, triceps, abs, quads

Skulpt Aim measures the fat share of individual body spaces, in addition to the muscle quality (MQ) – a metric of the muscle’s strength and definition. The use of proven technology and proprietary sensors, aim collects thousands of knowledge points per second to correctly evaluate and quantify the standard of separate muscle teams. Metrics are displayed straight away at the screen, and synced by the use of Bluetooth to an individual on-line dashboard or mobile app. Users can track their progress through the years, see the body’s adjustments, and optimize their workouts accordingly.

Which mobile devices fit for syncing?
Aim syncs to make a choice iOS and Android devices that give a boost to Bluetooth 4.1 technology. This comprises iPhone 5 or more recent models, in addition to leading Android devices. In particular, Android devices with the Jellybean 4.3 or later versions of operating system.

Which muscle teams does it measure?

Aim measures 12 muscles on each the left and right aspects of your body (24 total). The muscles are: abs, biceps, calves, chest, forearms, glutes, hamstrings, lower back, quads, shoulders, triceps, and higher back.

How to measure total body?
To get a complete body fat share or a complete body MQ score, you’ll want to measure four spaces: biceps, triceps, abs, and quads.

How does it compare to BIA technology (“Sensible scales”)?
Bioelectrical impedance scales measure body composition by sending a single current beginning at your feet (and once in a while your hands). So much of this current will drift thru your “lean mass” as that is probably the most conductive, so none of the present will in truth drift thru your fat content. Your share of fat is then estimated, and highly dependent on variables such as level of hydration, bone density, and so on.

In comparison, Aim uses EIM technology. It is a methodology during which a current is applied in an instant to every muscle The use of optimized electrode configurations and frequencies. In consequence, the present flows past the subcutaneous fat and throughout the muscle in a a lot more controlled fashion, for greater accuracy.

Additionally, Aim additionally measures individual muscle teams, in addition to your muscle quality (MQ). One thing that bioelectrical impedance scales, or another device available on the market, can’t provide you with.
Measures Muscle Quality (MQ) and fat share
Supplies results for as much as 24 other muscles
Measures total body fat % and MQ from 4 measurements: biceps, triceps, abs, quads
Moveable, splash evidence, and simple to make use of
Sync wirelessly by the use of Bluetooth Sensible on your smartphone






















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