Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner, White Noise Machine- 2 Pack

Sound machine creates natural white noise
Soothing sound of moving air blocks disturbing background noises
Creates an ideal environment for restful sleep

The name of the game is the soothing sound of white noise. Sleep EasyTM sound remedy certainly re-creates the calming sound of shifting air to dam out hectic heritage noises and create a comfy, comforting atmosphere so you’ll go to sleep and keep asleep. Nice for stressed sleepers, small children’ rooms, and extra. Merely plug it in and switch it on. Quantity and tone are Totally adjustable on your actual wishes and enjoyment. Compact layout with no trouble sits on night time stands or computers.
Sound device creates herbal white noise
Soothing sound of shifting air blocks hectic heritage noises
Creates an excellent atmosphere for restful sleep
Totally adjustable tone and Quantity
Nice for restful nights sleep, small children’ rooms, focus or personal conversations








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