Solaris Caresia Glove Lymphedema Bandaging Liner

Addresses swelling and tissue induration, as well as post-surgical swelling in the digits.
Individual digit spacers come standard.
Unilateral design can be worn on both right and left hands.

Caresia Glove Bandage Liners are very good for the ones sufferers who’ve swelling and tissue induration within the digits. Many therapists counsel this unit for his or her publish-surgical hand sufferers and sufferers with arthritis or lymphedema. Please observe practical hand utilization might be limited. Hand unit is also worn below the Caresia Arm Bandage Liner.
Addresses swelling and tissue induration, in addition to publish-surgical swelling within the digits.
Person digit spacers come same old.
Unilateral layout will also be worn on each proper and left palms.
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