Solgar Vitamin C

ROSE LIFE C drugs Diet C (500 mg / pill) and Rosehip ROSE LIFE C drugs is a nutritional complement of Diet C and Rosehip. Diet C is helping deal with the standard serve as of the immune gadget and protective cells from oxidative pressure. It helps the standard functioning of the anxious gadget and is helping to scale back the tiredness and fatigue. Additionally Diet C complements iron absorption and promotes collagen formation for the standard serve as of gums, pores and skin, cartilage and bone. The Rosehip has enhance motion and tonic and antioxidant motion. Reasonable content material Foods (for 1 pill): Component Amount Notes Diet C 500 mg Rosehip 75 mg Bulking dealers 344 mg Microcrystalline cellulose, calcium hydrogen phosphate Caking 45 mg vegetable stearic acid, silicon dioxide, vegetable magnesium stearate sodium carboxymethylcellulose 30 mg Hydroxypropyl 7 mg Humectant 2 mg vegetable glycerol There’s a desk intolerances to seek the advice of. Usage Instructions to be used: Swallow one pill in line with day, with a sip of water, ideally at mealtime. E ‘most effective that the consumption of Diet C isn’t made after 18.00 hours, to keep away from scenarios of hyperactivity night. Packaged in bottles of 100 drugs. Caution: Don’t exceed the really useful dose. Stay out of succeed in of youngsters beneath 3 years of age. The dietary supplements aren’t supposed as an alternative choice to a numerous vitamin.














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