Sovereign Silver: Colloidal Silver Hydrosol Dropper Top, 2 oz

For a singular aggregate of 5 attributes no different producer can fit, check out Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol. This #1 promoting silver supplement in The us can lend a hand reinforce your immune machine for all of its wishes. As corroborated via a college examine, Sovereign Silver accommodates ninety six% actively charged silver debris (definitely charged [Ag+] silver ions), which renders it a minimum of 34 occasions more robust than different brands. Sovereign Silver’s unprecedented moderate particle measurement of 0.0008 microns, or 0.8 nanometers (validated via Transmission Electron Microscopy), lets in for simple usage via – and excretion from – the cells and frame. Sovereign Silver’s ultra-small particle measurement additionally leads to a better silver floor space. That is why even with a low focus of 10 ppm (portions per million), Sovereign Silver continues to be a lot more efficient than brands that include as much as 500 ppm! Sovereign Silver is formulated to be protected for the entire circle of relatives whilst used as directed. Taken 7 occasions an afternoon for 70 years, Sovereign Silver nonetheless falls underneath the EPA day-to-day Oral Silver Reference Dose (RfD). Sovereign Silver has most effective 2 meals: silver and pharmaceutical-grade purified water. It does no longer include introduced silver compounds (silver salts or proteins) that render different silver merchandise useless and in all probability unhealthy. As well as, to take care of product purity and integrity, it’s packaged in non-leaching glass bottles.











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