Spectrum Essentials Organic Ground Essential Flaxseed 14 oz.

Spectrum Flaxseeds are top class high quality natural seeds which were sparsely decided on for his or her nutritive content material. Flaxseed is probably the most focused supply of SDG lignans – which will range from 0.7%-1.nine% of seed weight, relying on differences due to the season and rising stipulations. Those choose seeds are meticulously wiped clean the use of a 3-phase procedure to take away low weight, damaged and grimy seeds regularly present in bulk packing containers. Simplest Spectrum makes use of a proprietary milling procedure that finely slices the seed, fairly than crushing it, thereby combating the lack of helpful vitamins from oxidation. The sliced seed is in an instant packaged on this mild-protecting pouch after which flushed with an inert gasoline and hermetic sealed to make sure maximum well being advantages and product freshness.









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