Spider Guard Competition Cup – Athletic Guard

Flexible design allows for enhanced movement without sacrificing safety
Custom webbing design absorbs high energy impact for maximum protection
Machine washable and dryer proof. Made in the USA. Find out more at Spiderguardcup.com

Make a choice an athletic cup that fits the body. Don’t purchase a bigger cup dimension than vital. Cup dimension isn’t decided via age, weight or waist dimension of the wearer. However via the dimensions of the world being secure. Choose from Cup sizes: Youth, Teen and Grownup. The Spider Shield Internet-Flex Cup is not like some other athletic cup you’ve ever used. Our revolutionary design permits you more lateral motion with the similar safety of a regular laborious shell cup. The Versatile spider Shield shell gives greater coverage as opposed to a regular cup do to its design that decelerates and absorbs damaging power created via have an effect on as an alternative of permitting it to be transferred to the frame. Easiest for contact sports activities like MMA, boxing, Football, and more. Our Light-weight and versatile design makes this the Such a lot Relaxed Athletic Cup!
Versatile design permits for enhanced motion with out sacrificing protection
Customized webbing design absorbs top power have an effect on for optimum coverage
Mechanically cleanable and dryer evidence. Made in america. In finding out more at Spiderguardcup.com
Relaxed and Light-weight subject material permits to be used in Football, Baseball, Football, and more!
Youth Cup dimension: Period- 5.5in, Width- 4.0in, Intensity- 1.5in / Teen Cup dimension: Period- 6.5in, Width- 4.5in, Intensity- 2.0in / Grownup Cup dimension: Period- 7.5in, Width- 4.5in, Intensity- 2.5in


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