Spirulina Capsules: Natures Superfood. High Nutrient Source Including Antioxidant Benefits Supporting the Immune System. 90 Capsules.

Contains high levels of Iron which is essential for maintaining a strong circulatory system. Women in particular must replenish their iron regularly, and Spirulina is a good bioavailable source of iron.
Spirulina may well be the oldest food source on the planet. Its powerful blend of complete vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids make it one of the world’s most complete and perfect foods.
Only a healthy immune system can fight the damage of day-to-day life and defend your body against attacks. Spirulina will help you build a powerful immune system.

Ecologically grown Spirulina Comprises some of the easiest densities of protein present in any food, gives more beta-carotene than carrots, more iron than raw spinach, and more calcium than milk on gram per gram foundation. Each time imaginable, replacing different meals to your diet with existence-enhancing micro-algae is right for you and the health of our planet.
Comprises prime ranges of Iron which is very important for keeping up a robust circulatory system. Ladies particularly should replenish their iron continuously, and Spirulina is a superb bioavailable supply of iron.
Spirulina might be the oldest food supply on this planet. Its tough mix of whole vegetable protein, nutrients, minerals, and amino acids make it some of the international’s such a lot whole and very best meals.
Just a healthy immune system can battle the wear of daily existence and shield your body towards attacks. Spirulina will assist you to build an impressive immune system.
As low as 3 grams an afternoon may give important health advantages and drugs make it convenient to get the advantages anytime. You can also experience blending Spirulina powder in a inexperienced fruit juice smoothie for an instant breakfast, or a vegetable juice smoothie within the afternoon.
Grown, sourced and manufactured in the united states in a GMP qualified facility. High quality confident. one hundred% Amazon Cash Back Ensure!

















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