SportLegs Supplement

A smart supplement to start with — No faster or healthier way to prevent muscle “burn” and next-day soreness
Cheapest way, too — Take only when you’re planning to ride — No need to take every day
Works one hour after you take it — No week-long “loading” phase — Also works in combination with loading-phase supplements

Go faster, stronger and longer with out the pain of burning muscles. This distinctive supplement uses calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D to extend VO2 max, anaerobic threshold and time to exhaustion. Taken an hour before exercise, these natural forms preload your bloodstream with lactate to lift your threshold and spice up performance, so your muscles serve as at their perfect. Take after strenuous exercise to get rid of soreness and quicken recovery. Healthy and legal for international competition.
A wise supplement first of all — No faster or more fit solution to save you muscle “burn” and next-day soreness
Cheapest means, too — Take simplest when you are making plans to ride — No want to take each day
Works one hour after you’re taking it — No week-long “loading” section — Also works together with loading-section supplements
Strangely mild — Even the ones with sensitive tummies can take SportLegs, even on an empty abdomen
Works by raising blood lactate ahead of time, replicating the natural signal your muscles obey to forestall over the top lactic acid production — Your muscles produce simplest what they want to carry out your highest


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