Super-Absorption Cycloastragenol 98% from Crackaging (10mg per capsule)

#1 Cycloastragenol brand on Amazon. We’ve been selling on Amazon for over 3 years.
The fat soluble nutrients like cycloastragenol is difficulty for human body to absorb. CrackAging develops proprietary hypersorption formula to increase the bioavailability of Cycloastragenol over 300%.
The capsules we use have been tested by FDA. This specially designed veggie capsules can protect Cycloastragenol from being destroyed by stomach acids,leading to better absorption and effects.

Why Cycloastragenol?

This is from wiki: Cycloastragenol is a molecule isolated from quite a lot of species of Astragalus that may be purported to have telomerase activation task. A single in vitro have a look at done in 2009 resulted in claims that cycloastragenol would possibly turn on telomerase.

Buy with trust:

Crackaging merchandise are verified By means of unbiased third birthday celebration labs in the United States. Ask us for reports.


Each capsule comprises Cycloastragenol at ninety eight% purity and Vegetable Cellulose, Magnesium, Vegetable Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Chitosan.


* Reinforce your immune system.

* Reinforce your power stage.

* Higher sleep high quality.


Take 10-50mg per day for now not than 365 days. Take the drugs within the morning or before mattress with empty abdomen.


*Now not beneficial for pregnant or nursing girls, kids, or the ones with serious liver or kidney illness.

*The product isn’t supposed to stop or cure any illness. By means of same old definitions, “Aging” isn’t a illness.

#1 Cycloastragenol logo on Amazon. We have now been promoting on Amazon for over 3 years.
The fat soluble vitamins like cycloastragenol is problem for human frame to soak up. CrackAging develops proprietary hypersorption formula to extend the bioavailability of Cycloastragenol over three hundred%.
The drugs we use were examined By means of FDA. This particularly designed veggie drugs can give protection to Cycloastragenol from being destroyed By means of abdomen acids,best to raised absorption and results.
one hundred% natural Meals, no synthetic Meals or chemical capsule coating added.
CrackAging simplest makes use of Cycloastragenol with purity over ninety eight%, examined By means of unbiased third-birthday celebration labs in US.














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