Supplement Package – For Everyone Under 40

The Supplements & Vitamins Everyone Under the Age of 40 Needs
Includes: Most Complete Vitamins, Most Complete Minerals, Beta Glucan, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Flax Oil, FOS, Acidophilus
Package Has 8 Different Supplements

This Bundle incorporates all the Dietary supplements which might be on a regular basis wanted via Everybody Below the age of 40. This can also be taken via adults, Youngsters and pets.

Every Bundle incorporates:

So much Whole MineralsTM: calcium carbonate 250mg, magnesium oxide 250mg, boron chelate 3mg, copper chelate 2mg, rubidium chloride 500mcg, chromium chelate 120mcg, selenium chelate 70mcg, potassium iodide 150mcg, manganese sulfate 2mg, germanium chelate 100mcg, cesium chloride 100mcg, tin chloride 30mcg, nickel sulfate 100mcg, strontium chelate 1mg, cobalt chelate 10mcg, silicon dioxide (silica) 10mg, iron fumarate 18mg, vanadium sulfate 1mg, molybdenum chelate 75mcg, zinc oxide 15mg

So much Whole VitaminsTM: Diet A 5000 IU, thiamine 1.5mg, riboflavin 1.75mg, niacin 20mg, pantothenic acid 10mg, Diet B6 2mg, Diet C 60mg, Diet D 400 IU, Diet E 30 IU, biotin 300mcg, Diet K1 80mcg, folic acid 400mcg, methyl cobalamin (B12) 1mg

Beta Glucan – 60 capsules x 200mg

Diet D – 120 capsules x 400 IU

Diet E – 60 softgels x 400 IU

Flax Oil – 60 softgels x 1,000mg

FOS (Fructo oligo saccharides) – 60 capsules x 750mg

Acidophilus – 60 capsules x 8strains/6 billion gadgets
The Dietary supplements & Nutrients Everybody Below the Age of 40 Wishes
Contains: So much Whole Nutrients, So much Whole Minerals, Beta Glucan, Diet D, Diet E, Flax Oil, FOS, Acidophilus
Bundle Has 8 Other Dietary supplements
For Adults, Youngsters & Pets
$fifty six.00 – A $6.65 Financial savings in Comparability to Shopping for Every Product Separatly















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