SUR-FIT Natura Two-Piece Closed End Pouch with Filter-(1 BOX, 60 EACH)

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(Merchandise Number and Amount: UHS-SQB413174-1BOX-60EACH) SUR-FIT Natura -Piece Closed Finish Pouch with Clear out, Nat Pch 2Pc Cls 1.75 Flg W-Flt Colour Code-Inexperienced, Flange-1 3/four”, Colour-Opaque, – (1 BOX, 60 EACH) – SUR-FIT Natura Closed-Finish pouches are designed for one-time utilization, and can be used on a regular basis, for different events or intimate moments. They’re to be had with a Clear out that may be designed to scale back scent and gasoline buildup. There is not any draining or uncomfortable clip to fret about. When you find yourself able, you merely do away with the pouch, position it right into a disposable bag, then discard it. Options: 2-Sided Convenience Panel Charcoal Clear out that deodorizes and releases gasoline Opaque Beneficial Billing Code: A4419


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