SweatyRocks Women’s Tights Long Workout Legging Yoga Pant

90% polyester + 5% Spandex + 5% cotton
Silky material makes it warm and comfortable. You could wear it all day.
Breathable stretch fabric. Perfect for yoga or workout.

Size Chart

Rose / Red / Blue / Grey

XS: Waist: 25.2 inch, Hip Measurement: 29.7 inch, Period: 35.8 inch.

S:   Waist: 26.8 inch, Hip Measurement: 31.3 inch, Period: 36.2 inch.

M:  Waist: 28.3 inch, Hip Measurement: 32.9 inch, Period: 36.6 inch.

L:  Waist: 29.9 inch, Hip Measurement: 34.4 inch, Period: 37.0 inch.


XS: Thigh:sixteen.5inch, Waist:22.8inch, Hip Measurement:25.0inch, Period:34.6inch.

S:  Thigh:17.3inch, Waist:24.4inch, Hip Measurement:26.6inch, Period:35.0inch.

M:  Thigh:18.1inch, Waist:26.0inch, Hip Measurement:28.1inch, Period:35.4inch.

L:  Thigh:18.9inch, Waist:27.6inch, Hip Measurement:29.7inch, Period:35.8inch.

Black#2 / Gray#2

One Measurement: Thigh: 15.0 inch, Hip Measurement: 30.7 inch, Waist: 25.2-33.1 inch, Period: 36.2 inch.

Black / Gray

One Measurement: Hip Measurement: 26.4 inch, Waist: 23.6-37.8 inch, Period: 35.8 inch, Thigh: 15.zero-26.8 inch.

ninety% polyester + five% Spandex + five% cotton
Silky subject matter makes it heat and comfy. You should put on all of it day.
Breathable stretch cloth. Absolute best for yoga or exercise.
Heathered simple adorable pant.
Makes your butt glance superior.


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