Dramatically Improves Your Appearance and Self-Confidence
Wear Under Pants, Shorts, or Bathing Suit
Produces a Noticeable Bulge in Just the Right Place

The Male Package Enhancer (MPE) is a novel cosmetic device for men who want to Seem more spectacular. The MPE is a cup which is worn comfortably Underneath pants, shorts or bathing trunks. It’s built to provide your Look added bulk and size where it matters so much.

Having an excellent male package is the adaptation between having a look dull and having a look amazingly horny and fascinating. The MPE adds a noticeable bulge on your pants, providing you with the silhouette of an overly Massive man. The cup may also be worn in an elastic supporter (included), very similar to a baseball Protecting cup. It’s relaxed and simple to wear. It fits right away and comfortably over your personal anatomy. The MPE contour gives you the semblance of 7 inches of raw power on your pants.

This product is a ways superior to padded lingerie, which will clump and feel uncomfortable. The cup is available in one universal Massive size. The elastic supporter is available in four other waist sizes: small (28-30 inches); medium (30-34 inches); Massive (34-38 inches); and X-Massive (38-42 inches). The elastic supporter is cut reasonably small, so if there’s any query of waist size, order one size up.

Feel tough and engaging! Spice up your confidence! Draw in the eye of that special anyone, on the beach, at a birthday celebration, or in that fortunate spontaneous encounter. Dramatically toughen your probabilities of getting that telephone number. The Male Package Enhancer. Be spectacular. Become your form from dull to breathtaking straight away.

For world orders, expedited shipping is beneficial as It’s more protected and trackable.
Dramatically Improves Your Look and Self-Confidence
Wear Underneath Pants, Shorts, or Bathing Suit
Produces a Noticeable Bulge in Simply the Right Place
The Absolute best Choice for the Man Who Desires to Seem “Larger”
Note: This can be a Massive, Rigid Cup An identical in Size to a Baseball Protecting Cup


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