Timex T5K726F5 Men’s Ironman Target Trainer TapScreen Heart Rate Monitor with Resin Strap Watch, Black/Yellow, Full-Size

TapScreen Technology
Indiglo Night-Light
Target Heart Rate Zones including Time in Zone

Timex Ironman Target Trainer Heart Rate Monitor watch with TapScreen Technology

The Timex Ironman Target Trainer integrates advanced coaching features into our contemporary, award-winning Sleek design. With an additional large display, multi-workout memory, digital heart rate, audible pace alerts, and TapScreen Technology, you’ll stay not off course and on your zone with out breaking stride. Developed together with world-renowned athletes, the watch’s features are designed to be relevant for your coaching wishes. In case you are running for the primary time or coaching on your tenth marathon, the Timex Ironman Target Trainer will mean you can along your manner.

TapScreen Technology

The TapScreen Technology works with one firm Faucet on the watch face. TapScreen Technology is used for Chrono, Interval Timer, and Timer modes. The faucet sensitivity will also be adjusted to light, medium, hard, or off, which disables the feature altogether. The watch’s default setting is medium. We propose you choose your Faucet Force depending on the activity you might be performing: walking (light), running (medium), biking (hard), and swimming (hard).

Target Time Pacer

Because pace is very important to reach your goals, a built-in audible tracker indicates whether or not your target lap times are achieved. For those who upward push above or fall underneath your predetermined target times, varying chimes and messages will supply immediate feedback. Slow beeps indicate you’re at the back of pace, a single beep allows you to know you’re on pace, and rapid beeps indicate that you’re ahead. The screen may also display your performance data.

Hydration and Nutrition Timers

The optional hydration and nutrition timers will prompt you when it’s time to drink or eat. This countdown timer will repeat and it runs in parallel for your chronograph.

Recovery Heart Rate

Heart rate recovery provides a hallmark of fitness and coaching level. As you grow to be healthier, your heart rate will have to go back more temporarily to a lower heart rate worth on the end of your workout, indicating a better level of cardiovascular fitness. A slower recovery rate might indicate a wish to take a break from coaching because of fatigue, illness, or other factors. Your recovery rate represents the change on your heart rate over a time frame.

  • Flex-Tech digital sensor gets rid of heart rate monitor cross talk and electronic interference.
  • Three-workout chronograph memory – 2 hundred-lap total with average heart rate per lap.
  • Two interval timers – every segment with its own target zone and label.
  • Target time pacer gives visual and audible feedback when laps are logged in keeping with user settings. Pace and time difference from lap target time are displayed.
  • Hydration and nutrition alerts remind athletes to replenish at regular intervals.
  • Target heart rate alert with time-in-zone data.
  • Beats per minute (BPM) or percent-of-max heart rate display.
  • Recovery heart rate timer.
  • Average/peak heart rate and calories burned workout data.
  • Countdown timer and 3 customizable alarms with backup.
  • Water-proof against 100 meters – heart rate feature isn’t to be had underwater.
  • Indiglo night-light with night-mode feature.

TapScreen Technology
Indiglo Night-Light
Target Heart Rate Zones including Time in Zone
Average Heart Rate for Workout and Lap
Water-proof to 330 feet (one hundred M)
TapScreen Technology.Taste number T5K726F5 is the combo of 2 separate components (the watch T5K543 and the HRM Strap)
























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