Tinnitus Sound Therapy CD

For permanent relief of tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
This is NOT sound masking or white noise or pink noise – This is real sound therapy
Easy to use at home with your own headphones

The Tinnitus Sound Therapy CD by Universal Sound Therapy is designed in particular to handle the numerous potential causes of your tinnitus in order that your body can heal itself and You’ll do away with the ringing, buzzing or screeching for your ears.

It really works like this: the entire systems in our bodies vibrate at very specific frequencies. Whilst you get tinnitus your frequencies (which give a contribution to ear health) are out of tune. The frequencies within the Tinnitus Sound Therapy CD are designed to mimic the vibrational frequencies of healthy (tinnitus-free) inner ear and brain systems. Whilst you reintroduce the proper frequencies into your body (via headphones) your body readjusts and corrects the malfunctioning frequencies and your body heals itself.

The Tinnitus Sound Therapy CD is simple to make use of. You just put the headphones to your head (We advise NOT putting them right away to your ears – it is better to place them to your cheekbones) and adjust the amount to be able to slightly hear it. It is not necessary that it is loud. It will be important that the proper frequencies get reintroduced. Blasting the amount would possibly not make it occur faster.

The CD runs for approximately an hour long. You don’t want to be aware of the sounds whilst they are playing. We advise incorporating it into your regular routine in the sort of method that it does not require vastly changing your life. Our clients have found that putting at the sound therapy whilst they read or are at the computer or all the way through any “down-time” activity regularly makes for a more consistent (and subsequently a success) remedy.

Many of our clients have found and used us after making an attempt a lot of other treatments that did not work. They’re amazed and grateful when this does. For those who use it consistently and as directed it has an overly top luck rate. Do not surrender hope. You’ll be free from tinnitus again.
For permanent relief of tinnitus (ringing within the ears)
That is NOT sound masking or white noise or pink noise – That is real sound therapy
Simple to make use of at home with your personal headphones
You would not have to only “reside with it” for the remainder of your life.
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