TRAVelite light therapy device

It fits in a briefcase.
10,000 lux at 10-12 in
support alowing to set it horizontal

It fits in a briefcase. A compact and versatile light box so they can allow you to benefit from the light in numerous situations. Use it within the workplace, at home, on a commute. A give a boost to is supplied with the TRAVelite and lets you set the unit on a horizontal surface (desk, table, shelf, and so forth.). The wall mount feature lets you hang the lamp from a hook or nail. With the TRAVelite, you get 10,000 lux at 10-12 in. (25-30 cm) and want to use the unit for 20-30 minutes. Sitting at 18 in. (45 cm), the TRAVelite delivers 5,000 Lux of light, and we suggest that you just use the lamp for about one hour every day, preferably the very first thing within the morning, sitting as within the photo. The remedy works throughout the eyes, but you don’t want to appear straight away on the light. The TRAVelite also comes with a 5 year warranty* and 60 day money-back guarantee!** Tips: Use the sunshine incessantly at about the similar time every day. Also attempt to spend time outdoors all the way through sunny periods. Eat sensibly, exercise and take a look at to keep a normal wake-sleep hours.
It fits in a briefcase.
10,000 lux at 10-12 in
give a boost to alowing to set it horizontal
wall mount feature
13 x 7 x 2.6 in.


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