UnFlame: Excellent Herbal Formula for Joints, Muscles and Back – 60 capsules

24 Hour Relief
Fast Acting
Vegetarian Capsules, Highest Grade Herbal, Unique Extraction Process

Old Chester Health Care products, LLC, the maker of UnFlame Herbal, is committed to offering products with unparalleled efficacy. We imagine that like every living things, herbs reflect, and take in the surroundings by which they grow. Thus, the therapeutic effect of the similar herb, grown in two different environments can be remarkably different. Our herbs are in particular chosen according to the conditions inside which they grow. Our herbs are grown in soil which is of volcanic origin and hence very wealthy. With sun, humidity and rain within the ideal balance, and an extraction process which preserves the medicinal price of the herbs, our UnFlame Herbal formula is literally unparalleled. Shall we purchase the similar ingredients at 1/5th the price, but we refuse to chop corners, because that might mean sacrificing the standard of your health, and thus your happiness. The upper cost and additional care required by our way reflects the one-minded vision of our founder, Robert Hedaya MD, DLFAPA, who is devoted to bettering peoples lives, at the same time as the usage of less medicine.
24 Hour Relief
Fast Acting
Vegetarian Capsules, Absolute best Grade Herbal, Distinctive Extraction Process
Created by a Georgetown University Faculty of Medicine Professor for himself
Guaranteed satisfaction or full refund with go back of product in 90 days


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