Vital C is Vitamin C in Sodium Ascorbate form. Vital C is non-acidic (alkaline 7.5 to 7.8 pH), it can be taken as much as preferred, without the negative effects of highly acidic Vitamin C tablets. Vital C is 100% pure and natural, 95% absorbed by the body through the small intestines that provides anti-oxidant protection, and it comes in real Veggie Caps. Vital C, the New Face of Vitamin C is safe for babies and can be taken in mega doses for better health results.
The roles of Vitamin C in our body are so varied, that its deficiency results into most of what are now known as Chronic Degenerative Diseases (CDD).
Vital C, is the first alkaline vitamin C which is contained in real vegetable capsule. It is made from only 100% pure Sodium Ascorbate crystalline powder (USP) and encapsulated as a 568.18 mg preparation. It is processed with all the care to preserve the potency of this very effective form of Vitamin C.

Essential C is Diet C in Sodium Ascorbate shape. Essential C is non-acidic (alkaline 7.5 to 7.8 pH), it may be taken up to most popular, with out the unintended effects of extremely acidic Diet C capsules. Essential C is one hundred% natural and herbal, ninety five% absorbed through the frame in the course of the small intestines that gives anti-oxidant coverage, and it is available in actual Veggie Caps. Essential C, the New Face of Diet C is protected for small children and will also be taken in mega doses for higher well being effects.
The jobs of Diet C in our frame are so numerous, that its deficiency effects into so much of what at the moment are referred to as Persistent Degenerative Sicknesses (CDD).
Essential C, is the primary alkaline Diet C that is contained in actual vegetable pill. It’s produced from simplest one hundred% natural Sodium Ascorbate crystalline powder (USP) and encapsulated as a 568.18 mg training. It’s processed with all of the care to keep the efficiency of this very efficient type of Diet C.











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