Vitamin O – Supplemental Oxygen

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Vitamin O Makes A Real Difference In People’s Lives.

Vitamin O is a distinct supplemental oxygen taken in liquid shape, produced via electrical activation with saline answer from the sea.

Vitamin O was once invented by Cal B. Smith. He recently shared one of the highlights of ways he creates this distinctive product:

“The entire process involving the creation and stabilization of O2 from Standard oxygen or O1, comes to a chain of electrical bursts via special metal rods submerged in saline answer over a short lived time frame. The electrical force used to arrange oxygen atoms and knock off sodium and so much hydrogen atoms, is subjected to an strange agitation before it ever reaches the saline answer for which it is intended. This agitation introduced into The electrical segment of the method is helping to ensure greater stabilization of the liquid oxygen parts by coupling one in every of them with a single hydrogen atom.

The general super-charged oxygen that comes out on the end of those a few very different varieties of agitation, has a variety of O2, a few O3, or even just a little little bit of O4. Every of those is incrementally 30 times stronger (that means that if O2 is 30x stronger than O1, than O3 can be 30x more stronger than O2, and so on).

All in all, it is a pretty sensitive process that requires ability, revel in, and patience. Knowing learn how to convert the electricity we use over to a more acceptable shape and when to periodically zap the saline answer, and for the way long, are our so much guarded and valuable trade secrets.

So in summary, a few things are going down immediately all over ‘Vitamin O’ production: Standard electrical glide is reconfigured before going into the saline answer; the salt water itself is given repeated buzzings; and the timing sequence could be very sparsely calibrated to provide the ‘heavy’ or super-enriched oxygen water.”

The end result from all this refined process is a substance not like the rest that has ever been marketed to the general public.
A Product Ahead Of Its Time!
Get The Extra Oomph You Want!
Vitamin O Makes A Real Difference In Other folks’s Lives.











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