Wheatgrass Enema Juice Powder/ 1/4 LB/ Organic/ Completely Water Soluable

Freeze Dried/ Completely Dissolves in Water! USDA 100% Certified Organic
1/2 tsp in 2 cups of water
Loaded with Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients

Explicit for enema use. You’ll be able to drink it too!. Uncooked Natural Freeze-Dried Wheatgrass Juice Powder Natural, Natural, bioactive, enzyme-wealthy, and alive! By no means heated or irradiated, no components or preservatives! Natural, freeze dried, By no means heated, Optimally Natural Wheatgrass Juice Powder is jam-packed with dwelling enzymes and so nutrient dense it is thought of as one of the vital advisable superfoods on Earth. The very important enzymes come with protease, cytochrome oxidase, amylase, lipase, transhydrogenase, and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Wheatgrass ‘Juice’ Powder vs. Wheatgrass Powder: half tsp. of Wheatgrass ‘Juice’ Powder is six occasions extra nutrient dense than half tsp. of standard wheatgrass powder! A few superfoods like alfalfa, wheatgrass and barley grass are very best juiced, getting rid of all fiber content material which lacks any well being receive advantages and hinders nutrient absorption. (Superfruits, alternatively are very best as complete culmination, as a result of their skins include the very best ranges of Vitamins and omega fatty acids.) Each 1/four lb Bag accommodates 65 servings!!
Freeze Dried/ Utterly Dissolves in Water! USDA one hundred% Qualified Natural
half tsp in 2 cups of water
Loaded with Vitamins, Minerals and Vitamins
Use as Enema Implant for Direct absorption of Vitamins and Liver Cleaning
Can be utilized as a beverage drink.















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