Whole World Botanicals Royal Graviola Immune Support — 4 fl oz

From Utah’s Ancient Inland Sea, The Nice Salt Lake

Bathtub Crystals from White Egret lend a hand steadiness, detoxify, and nourish the surface. These special Bathtub crystals include over 72 ionic trace minerals from Utah’s ancient inland sea, the Nice Salt Lake together with minerals like magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium. These ionic minerals and trace minerals and trace minerals lend a hand soothe, melt, heal, embellish, and support the appear and feel of pores and skin. As well as, Bathtub Crystals are a perfect exfoliant so as to add to dust.
Recommended Use

Add four-five scoops to a heat Bathtub to lend a hand melt and rejuvenate harm, dry, and flaky pores and skin. Combine half of cup with a carrier oil, very important oils, and different ingredients of your option to make a custom designed exfoliating scrub.
Supplement Tips

one hundred% pure, all natural, unscented, concentrated sea mineral Bathtub crystals from Utah’s inland sea, the Nice Salt Lake.

Don’t use with a butter base.


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