Wicca or Hoodoo Herb Spell Kit – 30 Witchcraft Herbs + Magickal Herbs eBook

30 of our most popular herbs
Magickal Herbs eBook Now Included!
Individually labeled with name and magickal properties

Thirty of our hottest herbs. Every is In my opinion packaged and labeled with its identify and magickal houses. Here is what you get on this kit: Angelica Root – coverage, healing, temperance; Basil – cash & riches, coverage, love; Chamomile Flowers – healing, prosperity; Cinnamon – coverage, healing, love, interest, cash; Clove – repelling terrible influences; Comfrey – coverage; Coriander Seed – love, fertility, coverage; Cumin – coverage, fidelity, exorcism; Dill Weed – coverage, love; Fennel Seed – coverage, healing, purification; Flax Seed – cash, coverage, psychic powers, healing; Frankincense Tears – coverage, purification, consecration, exorcism; Hawthorn – coverage; Hibiscus – lust, love, divination, aphrodisiac; Hyssop – coverage, healing; Juniper Berries – cash, coverage, love; Kelp – coverage, sea & wind spells, cash, psychic powers; Lemongrass – psychic awareness, purification, lust; Mandrake – coverage, fertility; Mugwort – coverage, divination, clairvoyance; Myrrh Gum – top psychic vibrations, spirituality, purification, coverage; Oregano – coverage, love, warding off colds; Peppermint Leaf – purification, healing sleep, love, prosperity; Rosebuds & Petals – final love, coverage; Rose Hips – love, health, power; Rosemary Leaf – contentment, love, coverage, transparent thinking, cash; Sage Leaf – healing, purification; Sea Salt – cleansing, casting circles, purification, grounding, coverage; Valerian Root – reconciliation, love, harmony; Yellow Dock – healing, fertility, cash. Use herbs in sachets & bottle spells or burn them as incense on charcoal disks. As a result of consumer requests, we now come with our well-liked Magickal Herbs eBook ($four.99 price) and any other different FREE gift with all herb kits! Thanks to all of our dependable shoppers.
30 of our hottest herbs
Magickal Herbs eBook Now Included!
In my opinion labeled with identify and magickal houses
Packaged in convenient magickal use amounts
Why buy a pound of Every herb whilst you handiest desire a small quantity of Every?


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