Women’s Power Ionics Titanium Magnetic Bracelet Balance Band Energy Sweet Heart Style

Reduce muscle tension and increase flexibility – Injury prevention
Reduce fatigue and tension and thus enhance the ability to perform at optimum level
Improve blood circulation

Colour: Silver Color

Amount: 1 pc

Size: Width-8mm;Duration-21cm


Top High quality! Top polished!

A brand new generation of Top tech merchandise made out of healthy and atmosphere-friendly fabrics, basically made out of nano technology supplemented by model design. This product no longer most effective has the double advantages of remote infrared rays and anions, but additionally combines titanium, Tourmaline,Magnetic or Germanium and alloys to create ions the use of our exclusive methodology.

We offer no longer most effective a really perfect aggregate of technology, health and model and a emblem-new advance, but additionally ensure each High quality and potency.

Who will have to wear This product:

If you need to use a pc or a mobile phone for a protracted duration of time

If you need to stay centered for your work for a protracted duration of time

In case your job requires you to face or do onerous work for a very long time and If you’re an individual who
all the time has cold hands and cold feet

When you’ve got issues such as tense nerves, poor blood circulation, or stiffness and shoulder and neck

If you’re weakly immune to sicknesses and catch colds simply.

When you’ve got a stressful life taste and need to loosen up and regain your energy.

When you’ve got an irregular life taste and are continuously sleepless.

Scale back muscle tension and build up flexibility – Harm prevention
Scale back fatigue and tension and therefore give a boost to the facility to accomplish at optimum level
Give a boost to blood circulation
Alleviate Discomfort and Give a boost to sleep
Subject matter: Titanium,316 Stainless Steel















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