Yellow Emperor Raw Ma Gu 13% 10g Pure Concentrated Hemp Oil

Our Raw Ma Gu is a non-decarb/Co2 extracted hemp variety in it rawest form.
Yellow Emperor products contain the highest quality hemp oil in the industry.
Size: 10 individual 1g capsules in bottles

Bluegrass Natural Therapies hemp oil is derived from PhytoSPHERE, an international corporate. PhytoSPHERE cultivates thousands of acres of business hemp in special microclimates positioned in more than a few countries in a foreign country. PhytoSPHERE’s extraordinarily environment friendly enlargement, packaging and extraction technologies supply compact, secure, pollutant-free facilities that let for the next: -A fully Managed cultivation surroundings. -Greatly increased plant yields with robust, compact, multi-directional enlargement that considerably exceeds conventional strategies. -Reduced per-unit prices in comparison to conventional strategies by way of getting rid of the usage of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. -Status quo of antibacterial environments and packaging programs. -Managed post-production processing with proprietary standardization strategies. Bluegrass Natural Therapies is committed to the very best quality and checking out standards within the trade with our FDA compliant packaging, USDA inspected facility and take a look at pledge program. Every batch is examined by way of our hemp oil providers after which examined from a 3rd birthday celebration clinical lab in The united states to validate the consequences. Bluegrass Natural Therapies handiest uses imported, lab-qualified oil to manufacture our merchandise. All Bluegrass Natural Therapies merchandise are then examined a 3rd time to validate their contents and to make sure there aren’t any contaminates. Our merchandise are labeled with a coordinating batch number and issued so much number to make sure the very best quality regulate and protection for our consumers.
Our Raw Ma Gu is a non-decarb/Co2 extracted hemp selection in it rawest shape.
Yellow Emperor merchandise include the very best quality hemp oil within the trade.
Measurement: 10 particular person 1g tablets in bottles
















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