yuwell YU300 Portable Homecare Oxygen Bar Machines Portable Travel Oxygen Concentrator

With FDA CE certification
Flow ange:1-5L/min., adjustable as you need, high concentration to keep health
Purify air, release the negative oxygen ion function

This homecare oxygen bar gives you protected and conveninet life with sustained oxygen provide.
You’ll use it at home or on your car, the portable and smart serve as works rather well to your homecare life.
Power provide:110V±10%, 60Hz.
Input Power: 100VA.
Oxygen Concentration:30%-90%
Flow Range:1-5L/min.
Size: 27cm*17.5cm*29.5cm.
Operation noise level: 40dB(A).
It may possibly work regularly but if the present overload or loose connection, It may possibly antomatic shutdown.
Potential Customers:
White-collar ladies: Skin care,Skin nutrition and elasticity repairs,Reduction of sub-health standing.
Pregnant ladies:Useful to fetus development.
Businessman:Relaxing physical and mental tension,Making improvements to physical ability, Reducing sub-health standing and Making improvements to work efficiency.
Students: Making improvements to remembrance and reducing mental fatigue.
Plateau tourism lovers: Reducing the indications of hypoxia on plateau.
Note: 1. Want 110V voltage working.
2. Pls open the Blue belt at the bottom and pull it out before the use of, to avid a power about warmth dissipation.
3.This product isn’t intended for medical use.
With FDA CE certification
Glide ange:1-5L/min., adjustable as you wish to have, top concentration to stay health
Purify air, unencumber the negative oxygen ion serve as
Weighs just 8 kg, convenient to carry, can be used in car.
Real-time intelligent monitoring with transparent LCD screen.


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