Zand Herbalozenge Supplement 15 ea

ZAND has formulated the Orange C Herbalozenge® with 125 mg of Diet C in every lozenge, offering 2 hundred% of the U.S. Beneficial Day-to-day Consumption. Orange C accommodates a proprietary Mix of herbs to improve the soothing impact of every lozenge with out using cane sugar, fructose, sorbitol or any Synthetic sweeteners. A mix of Herbal rice sugar and orange taste supplies an excellent tasting lozenge for the Iciness Season.
Sweetened Best With Herbal Rice Syrup
No Cane Sugar
No Sucrose
No Synthetic Sweeteners
Ingredients for Proprietary Mix: Brown Rice Syrup, Orange Juice, Orange Oil, in an natural base of Hibiscus flower, Orange peel, Lemon peel, Rose hips, Lemongrass herb, Perilla leaf and Schizonepeta herb.


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